Norwich Township

*Norwich Township Annual Clean-Up - Sat. June 12, 2021 9:00am-1:00pm
Held behind township hall 
No early dropoffs
One pick-up load per family
No household trash or burnables
No hazardous waste
We will NOT accept tires of any kind
$15.00 charge per appliance with freon
All appliances without Freon  accepted
Steel and batteries accepted
No charge for batteries 
Please wear face mask due to Covid-19 restrictions 
For questions call Twp Supervisor Penny Blair 229-4461

Norwich Township Hall

4551 E. Moorestown Rd.
Moorestown, MI  49651

Norwich Township Clerk
Dawn Jones
7689 N. Nelson Rd. 
Lake City, MI 49651

Norwich Township Treasurer
Lois Whipple
4865 E. Moorestown Rd.
Lake City, MI  49651

Norwich Township Trustee
John Ryan
4684 E. Moorestown Rd.
Lake City, MI 49651
Norwich Township Trustee
Susan Lehr
5790 E. Phelps Rd.
Lake City, MI  49651
Norwich Township Supervisor
Penny Blair
6950 N. 7 Mile Rd.
Lake City, MI  49651

Norwich Township Assessor
Jason Patterson
19770 23 Mile Rd
Tustin, MI 49688