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Missaukee County Board of Commissioners
Lake City, Michigan
Commissioners Room
December 13th, 2011 @ 2:00 P.M.


 Meeting Called to Order by Chairman Rogers

 Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance given by Comm. Vivian.

 Roll Call of Districts – All present

 Motion by Hughston, supported by Vivian to approve the agenda as presented with the addition of the Review of Daniel DeZeeuw PA 116.  Motion Carried

 Minutes of November 8th, 2011 read and approved.

 Public Comment:


  • Shari Spoelman wished the board a Happy Holiday and New Year, announced the new MSU office hours for 2012 – Monday, Tuesdays and Thursday with other days by appointment. 
  • Kathy Lee reported on Breakfast on the Farm and the huge community support and sponsors that made it a wonderful success.
  • Don Halvorsen, NMSAS Representative,  reported on their achievements for 2011
  • Don Hoitenga requested that a resolution be reviewed by the board that was passed by the Wexford County Board

 Sheriff Bosscher gave his monthly report, and requested the purchase of an Ambulance from Road Rescue Company for $139,664.00 from 210 and will hopefully be selling the current ambulance to a neighboring county for approximately $15,000-$20,000. He also requested the purchase of BSA financial software in the amount of $20,880.00 from 246 - $10,000, 210 - $5,000, 207- $5,000.

 Motion by Vivian, supported by Zuiderveen to purchase a 2012 Road Rescue Ambulance from Emergency Vehicles Plus at a cost of $139,664 from Fund 210 with delivery to be May 2012.  Carried.

 Motion by Vanderwal, supported by Cairy to purchase BSA Software for the Sheriff’s Department in an amount not to exceed $20,800.  Carried.

 Barb Hancock, County Treasurer, reviewed the November investments and account balances.

 Carol Palmer, District Court Administrator, gave her monthly update and invited the board to view the remodeled Law Library.

 Susan Rogers gave the COA report in Pam Niebrzydowski absence and noted her retirement as the Director effective March 30th, 2012 and requested that various board appointments be made.

 Larry Richardson, Park Manager, gave an end of the year report for the County Parks.  Total revenue for 2011 was $314,857.49.  He brought in his revenue picture dating back to 2004 when he took in $202,048.30 and has shown a steady increase each year.


 Motion by Vivian, supported by Bridson to approve 2011 Budget Amendments #8 as presented.  Carried.

 Motion by Vivian, supported by Bridson to pass the following resolution on opting out of BCBS. 

Resolution 2011-7

Resolution Exempting Missaukee County Government from the Provisions of 2011 P.A. 152 for Calendar Year 2012

 WHEREAS, onSeptember 27, 2011, P.A. 152, an act to limit a public employer’s expenditures for employee medical benefit plans, became immediately effective; and

WHEREAS, onOctober 11, 2011,MissaukeeCounty’s Budget for Fiscal Years 2012 was adopted by the Missaukee County Board of Commissioners; and

WHEREAS the adopted Missaukee County Budget for Fiscal Year 2012 is balanced, maintains responsible recommended general fund equity balances and funds current employee medical benefit plans within existing revenues; and

WHEREAS the residents and taxpayers of Missaukee County have been well-served by the County’s consistent utilization of its fair and equitable Budget Process, a process that uses thoughtful, detailed planning and employs incremental changes over time to yield significant results without serious disruption in service delivery and in a manner that is fair to both taxpayers and employees; and

WHEREAS, in keeping with the County’s established, long-range budgeting practices that actively balance the interests of taxpayers and county employees, Missaukee County Employees have been paying contributions toward their health care coverage for several years; and

WHEREAS, for the two major health plans currently available to Missaukee County employees, employees already pay 20% of the 2011 illustrative rate thru a combination of premiums, co pays and deductibles; and

WHEREAS vigorous challenges to the legality of Act 152 are expected and the costs associated with litigation required to support the validity of Act 152 will likely be substantial; and

WHEREAS, Section 8 of Act 152 authorizes a local unit of government, defined to include a county government, upon a 2/3 vote of the governing body, to exempt itself from the requirements of the act for the next succeeding year; and

WHEREAS, by exempting itself under Section 8 of Act 152 for calendar year 2012, Missaukee County can avoid costs of litigation, and allowing the County to continue making changes over time that yield significant reductions in health care costs in a manner that is fair to both taxpayers and employees; and

WHEREAS exempting Missaukee County from Act 152 for calendar year 2012 is equitable considering that Missaukee County’s employees have already demonstrated by their actions a continuing willingness to fairly share in the burden of meeting the significant economic challenges associated with Michigan’s long recession; and

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that acting pursuant to the authority granted a county under Section 8 of Act 152, the Missaukee County Board of Commissioners hereby exempts Missaukee County Government from the requirements of 2011 P.A. 152 for calendar year 2012.

Roll Call Vote:  7 Yea (Zuiderveen, Bridson, Rogers, Vivian, Cairy, Hughston, Vanderwal) 0 Nay - Carried

Motion by Vivian, supported by Zuiderveen to approve the Elected Officials and Non-Union Contracts for 2012.  Carried.


 Resolution 2011-8

Security Benefits Deferred Compensation

The undersigned authorized representative of Missaukee County hereby certifies that the following resolutions were duly adopted by Missaukee County on December 13th and that such resolution have not been modified or rescinded as of the date hereof;


Resolved by Hughston and seconded by Vanderwal, the PPA/HEART/WRERA Amendment to the Missaukee County, MI 457 DC Plan (the Amendment) is hereby approved and adopted and that an authorized representative of the Employer is hereby authorized and directed to execute and deliver to the Administrator of the Plan one or more counterparts of the amendment.


The undersigned further certifies that attached hereto is a copy of the Amendment approved and adopted in the foregoing resolution.

 December 13, 2011


Susan Rogers, Chairman of the Board

 Motion by Vivian, supported by Zuiderveen to change the Vital Record fee from $8/$3 to $10/$3 effective01-01-2012.  Carried.

 Motion by Vivian, supported by Zuiderveen to thank the Blue Cross Blue Shield participants/employees for a reduced year of claims resulting in a 6% reduction in ourFebruary 1, 2012renewal rates.  As a show of appreciation $25.00 will be deducted from your first premium payment in February.  Carried.

 Personnel Committee

 Motion by Bridson, supported by Cairy to reappoint Susan Lehr, Sarah Nettle to the Commission on Aging Board and alternates Lois Zeller, Sue Thompson, Shirley Parker, and Scott Schryer.  Carried.

 Motion by Bridson, supported by Vanderwal to reappoint Pam Niebrzydowski to the Housing Board,  Charles Bartholomew to the Jury Board, Brenda Morrissey to the District Library Board, Jackie Ruppel to the Social Services Board, and Dorothy Bartholomew and Brenda Hower to the Canvass Board.  Carried.

 Motion by Zuiderveen, supported by Bridson to pay Claims and Accounts and Own Accounts as presented.

 Review of PA 116’s of Zuiderveen and DeZeeuw.

 Monthly Commissioner Reports:  Cairy reported on DHS directives and their computerization program.  Vanderwal attended Michigan Northern Counties and reported the updates on the Pilt Tax situation.  Vivian reported on the progress in the Planning Department as far as the Master Plan and the Recreational Plan and noticed that it would be on the January Board meeting for a Public Hearing.

 Meeting adjourned until December 30th, 2011 at 10:00 AM or Call of the Board.


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Susan Rogers, Chairman                          Carolyn Flore, Clerk