Missaukee County Board of Commissioners
Commissioners Room, Lake City, Michigan
Regular Board Meeting
December 14th, 2010 at 10:00 AM


Roll Call:  All present except Comm. Renner.

Prayer: given by Comm. Vivian and Pledge of Allegiance

Minutes of November 9th 2010 read and approved.

Motion by Bridson, supported by Vivian to approve the Board Agenda.  Carried.

Public Comment:  None

Public Hearing on Lucas Chest Compression System – USDA Grant opened.

Sheriff Bosscher, gave his monthly report, reviewed the grant and how the chest compression system works and answered questions.

Barb Hancock, County Treasurer requested that the board pass the amended Investment Policy and requested that two housing loans be removed from the county receivables.

Motion by Zuiderveen, supported by Vivian to approve the Investment Policy.    Carried.

 AdoptedDecember 14, 2010

The MissaukeeCountyBoardof Commissioners
County of Missaukee Investment Policy

This policy supersedes all previous policies and is

required by Public Act 20 of 1943, as amended.


It is the policy of theCountyofMissaukeeto invest its funds in a manner which will provide the highest investment return with the maximum security while meeting the daily cash flow demands of the County and conforming to all State ofMichiganstatutes governing the investment of public funds.


This investment policy applies to all financial assets of theCountyofMissaukee.  These assets are accounted for in the various funds of the County


Motion by Hughston, supported by Bridson to write off the $48,758 of receivables on two uncollectible Housing Loans as recommended by theCountyTreasurerand the Housing Committee.  Carried.

Sherry Blaszak, Cooperative Extension Administrator, gave a recycling update and talked about the Clean Sweep program.

Patty O’Donnell, Regional Planner of NWMCOG, requested approval of the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Action Plan and presented a check to the Green Team in the amount of $48,000 towards the Energy Project. 

Motion by Zuiderveen, supported by Bridson to approve the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Action Plan.  (Robinson Dissent) Carried.

Greg Paffhouse, Director of Northern Lakes Community Mental Health, reviewed the draft agreement on Jail Services for 2011-2012 with the board – new draft to be presented at January finance meeting and voted at January regular board meeting.  He thanked the board for the county dollars received by NLCMH and participation in the program. 

Finance Committee

Motion by Vivian, supported by Zuiderveen to approve the 2010 Budget Amendments as presented.  Roll Call

Motion by Vivian, supported by Bridson to approve the Volunteer Energy program beginning January 1st, 2011 for all the county energy bills and eligible county employees.  Carried.

Vivian brought up the new Sunday beer, wine and liquor law beginning on December 16 and requested that the board make a decision on approving or disapproving it.

Motion by Hughston, supported by Zuiderveen to propose the following Resolution against the sale of Sunday morning beer, wine and liquor.

 Resolution 2010-13
Sunday Beer, Wine & Liquor Sales

WhereasMCL436.2111andMCL436.2113allows for the sale of beer and wine, spirits and mixed spirit drinks between the hours of 7:00 amon Sunday and2:00 AMon Monday,

ANDWhereas the Missaukee County Board of Commissioners feels that Sunday liquor sales do not promote the family values this county stands for,

THEREFORE, they unanimously prohibit the sale of beer, wine, spirits or mixed spirits in Missaukee County7:00 AMuntil12:00Noon.  This would keep the beer, wine and liquor sales the same as prior to the new law.

Vote: 6 yea (Vivian, Hughston, Robinson, Rogers, Bridson, Zuiderveen) 1 absent (Renner) Carried.



Susan Rogers, Chairman of the Board

Personnel Committee:  No Report

Building and Grounds

Motion by Zuiderveen, supported by Bridson to pay Claims and Accounts and Own Accounts as presented.  Carried.

Commissioner Reports:  Robinson made comments on NMCOG, Rogers reported on the Health Department meeting, Vivian asked that the new commissioners attend the Dec 30th final board meeting and the Jan 6th finance meetings.

Public Comment:  None

Motion to go into Closed Session to discuss Union Contract negotiations:    Roll Call Vote:  6 Yea (Robinson, Bridson, Zuiderveen, Rogers, Vivian, Hughston) 0 Nay 1 Absent (Renner) Carried.

Closed Session

Motion to go out of Closed Session:  Roll Call Vote:  6 Yea (Robinson, Bridson, Zuiderveen, Rogers, Vivian, Hughston) 0 Nay, 1 Absent (Renner) Carried.


Meeting adjourned until December 30th or Call of the Chair

 ____________________                         _____________________

Susan Rogers, Chairman                                   Carolyn Flore, Clerk