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 Missaukee County Board of Commissioners
Lake City, Michigan
Organizational Meeting
Commissioners Room
January 11th, 2011 @ 10:00 A.M.


 Meeting Called to Order by Clerk Flore who gave the Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance.

 Roll Call of Districts – All present

 Oath of Office given to the following Commissioners by Clerk Flore.

 Lan Bridson                  District 1

Frank Vanderwal          District 2

Jennifer Elmquist           District 3

Susan Rogers               District 4

Dean Vivian                  District 5

Star Hughston               District 6

Hubert Zuiderveen        District 7

 Public comment – Paul Foster on behalf of several county merchants present requested that the County Board have a Public Hearing on the question of selling beer, wine and liquor on Sunday mornings.  He explained the retail benefits of changing the current situation.

 Nominations opened for 2011 Chairman.

 Motion by Zuiderveen, supported by Vivian to nominate Susan Rogers for Chairman.  Carried.

 Motion by Vivian, supported by Zuiderveen to close nominations and cast a unanimous ballot forRogers.   Carried

 Susan Rogers elected Chairman for the 2011 year.

 Motion by Vivian, supported byRogersto nominate Zuiderveen for Vice-Chairman. Carried.

 Motion by Vivian, supported by Bridson to close nominations and cast a unanimous ballot for Zuiderveen.  Carried.      

 Hubert Zuiderveen elected Vice-Chairman for the 2011 year. 

 Motion by Rogers, supported by Vivian to pass the following resolution on behalf of retiring employee Michael L. Klein.

 Resolution Honoring Michael L. Klein

January 11th, 2011


WHEREAS, Michael Klein was hired to the position of Equalization Department

Mapper for the County of Missaukee beginning April 22nd, 2002,

AND WHEREAS, he has served in that capacity in a friendly and outgoing

manner and has been an excellent representative for the Equalization Department

and the Commissioners out in the highways and byways of measuring and

mapping the counties properties,

AND WHEREAS, in his Eight years with the county he was a quiet and respectful

addition to our courthouse who also served as an Officer on the AFSCME Union

Board, whose quiet humor was appreciated by all, and was well respected by the

Township and City Assessors for his common sense teaching abilities,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Missaukee County Board of

Commissioners would like to commend and honor Michael Klein for his time

and efforts on behalf of the County and wish him success and happiness in

his future endeavors.

 Minutes read for December 14th and December 30th and approved.

 Motion by Bridson supported by Vanderwal to amend the agenda as follows: add step increase for assistant custodian, approve severance pay for assessor, and approve timber contract during the Finance portion.

 Sheriff Bosscher presented the yearly statistics and reviewed the Kitchen upgrade.

 Barb Hancock, Missaukee County Treasurer, presented 2010 investments, bank activity and informed them that they would received their year end report in February.  She also requested that the Board appoint Chemical Bank as the Primary bank for 2011.

 Motion by Vivian, supported by Bridson to name Chemical Bank as the official depository for 2011 and also endorse Citizens Bank, Fifth Third Bank, Northwestern, Wexford Community Credit Union, First Empire Securities,UBSBank and MBS Multibank Securities.  Carried

 84th District Court monthly and yearly revenues report was handed out.

Pam Niebrzydowski, COA Director gave her update and answered questions.

 Alan Kostrzewa, Heritage Sustainable Energy Official, reviewed the current 19 wind turbines they have placed inRichlandTownship and the 9 turbines scheduled to install during 2011 for a total of 28. He requested that they approve the PA 116 letter for 2010 and 2011.

 Motion by Vivian, supported by Zuiderveen to approve the PA 116 letters for 2010 and 2011.  Carried.

 Finance Committee Reports

Motion by Vivian, supported by Vanderwal to approve the Emergency Plans as presented. Carried.

 Motion by Vivian, supported by Zuiderveen to appoint Carolyn Flore as the Chief Financial Officer for 2011.  Carried

 Motion by Vivian, supported by Bridson to set the second Tuesday at2:00 PMfor the monthly Commissioners Meetings in the 2011 year.   Carried.

 Motion by Vivian, supported by Bridson to reset the meeting days and times for Finance, Tax, Claims and Accounts, Recycling and Safety at their current times.  Carried

 Motion by Vivian, supported by Bridson to approve a 1 year step increase for the assistant custodial effective immediately.  Carried

 Motion by Vivian, supported by Bridson to approve a Timber Contract with PCA to harvest selective trees from the Sanborn Road Property.  Carried

 Sherry Blaszak, Soil Conservation Administrator, reported on the timber contract, the 2011 recycling USDA grant request, and recycling upgrades.

 Public Hearing for the review of allowing Beer, Wine and Liquor will be Jan 26 at7:00 PMin the District-Circuit Courtroom.

 Motion by Vivian, supported by Bridson to pay out the Assessor Severance package in the amount of $1,830.40.  Carried.

 Motion by Zuiderveen, supported by Bridson to approve Claims Accounts and Own Accounts.  Carried

 Zuiderveen reviewed the PA 116 request of Robert & Daralee Cnossen and set if for theFebruary 8, 2011board meeting.

Commissioner Reports Zuiderveen and Rogers were to the District Health Department meeting.

Public Comment

 Shari Spoelman thanked the board for the Advisory Council meeting appointments and their continued support.

 Committee Appointments for 2011 year are attached.

 Meeting was adjourned untilFebruary 9, 2011at2:00 PMor Call of the Chair.



______________________________          ______________________________

Susan Rogers, Chairman                                               Carolyn Flore, Clerk