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Missaukee County Board of Commissioners
Special Board Meeting
January 26, 2010 @ 5:00 P.M.
Lake City, Michigan

Meeting Called to Order by Chairman Rogers

 Roll Call:  All present except Zuiderveen

 Prayer offered by Comm Vivian and Pledge of Allegiance.

 Motion by Vivian supported by Robinson to amend the board Agenda to add discussion to possibly combining some services withWexfordCountyand to discuss the Lake City Floor Covering bid.  Carried

 Public Comment: None

 Motion by Vivian supported by Bridson to accept the Asbestos Bid from Quality Asbestos & Demolition Services LLC, not to exceed $23,336.00 upon full completion of the job.   Other bids opened were Mid-State Asbestos in the amount of $24,500 and Insulation and Environmental Services in the amount of $29,300.) Carried

 Rogers presented the bid from Lake City Floor Covering for the additional costs for Rubber Floor Tile in the amount of $1,365.00.  The Board would like for Chuck Flint to meet with Building and Grounds for further discussion.

 Rogers appointed Renner and Robinson to begin discussions withWexfordCountyregarding combining services.

 Motion by Bridson supported by Vivian to go into Closed Session for Union Negotiations.  Roll Call Vote:  6 Yea  0 Nay  1 Absent (Zuiderveen) Carried

 Closed Session

 Motion by Vivian, supported by Bridson to go out of Closed Session.  Roll Call Vote:  6 Yea  0 Nay 1 Absent (Zuiderveen) Carried

 Motion by Renner supported by Vivian to approve the Afscme Supervisor and Non Supervisor contracts from01-01-10until12-31-11.  6 Yea 0 Nay 1 Absent (Zuiderveen) Carried


Meeting adjourned untilFebruary 8, 2010at10:00 a.m.or Call of the Chair.


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Susan Rogers, Chairman                                      Barb Nietling, Chief Deputy Clerk