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Missaukee County Board of Commissioners
Lake City, Michigan
Commissioners Room
March 8th, 2011 @ 2:00 P.M.


 Meeting Called to Order by Chairman Rogers.

 Roll Call of Districts – All present

 Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance given by Comm. Zuiderveen.

 Motion by Hughston, supported by Zuiderveen to approve the agenda.  Carried

 Public Comment:      None

 Sheriff Bosscher gave his monthly report and requested the purchase of a new Live Scan Fingerprint machine.

Motion by Bridson, supported by Hughston to approve the purchase of a new Live scan machine to meet the requirements of the Adam Walsh Act utilizing an Implementation Grant in the amount of $15,000 towards the purchase price of $18,396 with the balance of $3,396 to come from Fund 246.  Carried.

 Barb Hancock, County Treasurer, gave the monthly investment report, updated on the board on township settlements with the county and requested a Fair Housing Resolution be passed.

 Carol Palmer, District Court Administrator, reviewed the monthly income report.

 Sherry Blaszak, Conservation District Administrator, gave a recycling center update – skid steer is paid off, revenues are steady and the addition of vinyl siding as a collectible.

 Carolyn Flore, County Clerk, reported on the apportionment plan for 2011 invited the public to attend and will give a report as they progress.  Will recommend that the county stay at seven commission seats if possible.

 Larry Richardson, Park Manager, requested the approval of the lease with the County and the Missaukee Historical Society.

 Motion by Bridson, supported by Vanderwal to approve the lease of the bathhouse with the Missaukee Historical Society for a 5 year term beginning January 13th, 2011. Carried.

 Finance Committee Report

 Motion by Vivian, supported by Zuiderveen to allow the amendments to the Nationwide Def Comp plan and the Security Benefits Def Comp Plan.  Carried

 Motion by Vivian, supported by Hughston to pass the Fair Housing Resolution.  Carried


                                    FAIR HOUSING RESOLUTION


 WHEREAS, Missaukee County is committed to fair housing and will work aggressively to ensure that all housing programs comply fully with all state, federal, and local fair housing laws.

WHEREAS, Missaukee County has appointed the County Planner as their fair housing contact person, who has an understanding of the Fair Housing Laws and will attend applicable training as able to remain informed,

WHEREAS, Missaukee has established a Fair Housing Log.  The Fair Housing Log will be maintained and will disclose information regarding any and all fair housing concerns and their outcomes,

WHEREAS, persons wishing to file housing related complaint or concern will be referred to the Michigan Department of Civil Rights, HUD, and their local Fair HousingCenter.  The Fair Housing contact will notify MSHDA if a complaint or concern is filed.

WHEREAS, the offices of Missaukee County are accessible and barrier free, and the County will make every attempt to reasonably accommodate all of its constituents,

WHEREAS, Missaukee County will include the Fair Housing Logo on all of its documents and advertisements pertaining to its housing programs.  The County will post a Fair Housing poster in a place visible to the public.  The County will secure and distribute upon request Fair Housing material provided by MSHDA and various other Fair Housing agencies and organizations.  “Fair Housing, its Your Right” brochures will be distributed to all applicants of County housing programs,

WHEREAS, Missaukee County will consider all applicants and contractors based on qualifications.  No applicant or contractor will be denied housing or a contract based on their race, color, national origin, religion, age, sex, martial status, familial status or handicap.  Persons raising concerns regarding discrimination will not be retaliated against.  Marketing of all County housing programs will include minority and women applicants.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that Missaukee County hereby adopts this Fair Housing Resolution and all of its premises.


_____________________________              _________________________

Susan Rogers, Chairman                                 Carolyn Flore, Clerk


I, the undersigned duly qualified and acting Clerk of the County of Missaukee, Michigan do hereby certify that the foregoing is a true and complete copy of a resolution adopted at a meeting held on March 8th, 2011 the original of which is on file in my office, Public Notice of said meeting was given pursuant to and in compliance with Act #267, Public Acts of Michigan, 1976, as amended.  IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereto affixed my official signature this 8th day of March, 2011.



Carolyn Flore, County Clerk


 Motion by Vivian, supported by Hughston to approve the purchase of three-phase electrical at the recycling center at a cost of $10,000 from the recycling budget.  Carried

 Personnel Committee

 Motion by Bridson, supported by Zuiderveen to appoint  Charles Belser, Joe McGiness, Ryan Vanderwal, and Dean Vivian to the Planning Commission.  Carried.

 Motion by Bridson, supported by Vivian to approve the election workers for the May School Elections. McBain Pct #1 = Shelly Sloat, Chrm., Sherry Blaszak, Marcia Smith, Lake City Pct #1 = Julie Dick, Chrm, Mic Scholten, Kay Ouwinga, Sue Boven, Diane Mulder, Lake City Pct #2 = Margie Phillips, Chrm, Evelyn Wade, Jan Lutke, Jeannie Metzger, Cathy Molitor, Lake City Pct #3 = Lois Whipple, Chrm, Marilyn Myers, Laura Muste.  Carried

 Susan Rogers appointed herself to the Northern Community Mental Health Board effective April 1, 2011 and expiring 03-31-2014.

 Motion by Bridson, supported by Vanderwal to approve the payment for schooling and mileage for the Assistant Building Inspector thru today’s date.  Carried.

 Motion by Bridson, supported by Hughston to approve the reappointment of the Solid Waste Committee effective 01-01-2011 until 12-31-12.  Dave Stroud, Dan Waller, Audrey Raden, Lori Cox, Craig Fisher, Elisa DuBreuil, Tony Furlich, Ray Vasser, Richard Kramer, Rich Warzecka, Star Hughston, Lan Bridson, Dan Molitor, Marilyn Myers, Matthew Gunnerson.  Carried.

 Motion by Bridson, supported by Zuiderveen to make the following appointments to the recycling committee and to meet on the 3rd Thursday at 4:15 PM in the Commissioners Room.

 2 Commissioners – Hughston, Bridson

County Planner – Hartshorne-Shafer

Public at Large – Sherry Blaszak, Matt Gunnerson


 Building and Grounds, Claims and Accounts Committee

 Motion by Zuiderveen, supported by Bridson to pay Claims and Accounts and Own Accounts as presented.  Carried.

 Review of Kenneth and Ruby Meekhof’s PA 116 Agreement with a vote to be at the April 12th board meeting.

 Commissioner Reports

 Elmquist reported on the Health Dept meeting, Vanderwal on the Michigan Northern Counties meeting, Vivian on the Planning Commission meeting – Recreational Plans, (Missaukee, Lake City, and Lake Township) and Northern Michigan Council of Govt's meeting economic update, Rogers reported on Council of Govt’s orientation meeting.

 Public Comment

 Don Sears – DNR Recreational grants - are they for specific things – and has anything happened to the liquor law in the townships and cities.

 Raymond Moore noticed the board that he would probably be replacing Marcia Moore as the Veterans Affairs Representative.  He also said that they were seeing an increase of traffic now that he is having regular hours. 

 Pam Niebrzydowski – Michigan senior advocates are going to Lansing to give testimony on March 16th to discuss the budget cuts and how they affect people in this area.

 Sherry Blaszak – March 16th is forestry day and they will be looking to have them release funds to the county conservation districts.

 Meeting adjourned until April 12th, 2011 at 2pm or Call of the Chair.



 __________________________________    ____________________________________

Susan Rogers, Chairman                                 Carolyn Flore, Clerk