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County Board of Commissioners
Commissioners Room, Lake City, Michigan
Regular Board Meeting
March 9th, 2010 at 10:00 AM


Roll Call:  All present except Comm. Vivian.

Prayer given by Comm. Renner and Pledge of Allegiance.

Motion by Bridson, supported by Hughston to approve Agenda as presented with the addition of Sherry Blaszak at10:45 AMto talk on Soil Erosion fees.  Carried

Public Comment:  None

Sheriff Bosscher presented his monthly report and requested the purchase of a patrol vehicle and a pick-up using a USDA grant for a portion of the payment and Fund 207 for the balance.

Motion by Bridson, supported by Hughston to purchase on the State Contract a 2010 Crown Vic for $21,387 and a 2010 F-150 Pickup for $20,322 from the 207 Fund. Carried.  (Renner dissented)

Motion by Bridson, supported by Hughston to allow the Sheriffs Department to apply for a USDA grant to put towards the purchase of each vehicle.  Carried (Robinson and Renner dissented)

Carol Palmer, District Court Administrator, gave her monthly update and reviewed the current court trends.

Barb Hancock, County Treasurer, gave her monthly financial report and asked for a short-term loan from the TRF fund to finish the building project.

Motion by Renner, supported by Robinson to transfer $300,000 in the form of a loan from the TRF fund to the USDA Renovation fund to finish the Renovation project. Roll Call Vote: 5 yeas (Robinson, Bridson, Renner, Rogers, Zuiderveen) 1 abstain (Hughston) 1 absent (Vivian) Carried.

Michele Moore, Library Director, addressed the board on a grant the library would like to pursue from the Pepsi company to add a community room to the County Library and possibly help finish the Veterans Memorial Park.  She will provide figures on the proposal to the Building and Grounds meeting on March 18th.

Sherry Blaszak, Soil Conservation Administrator, reviewed a new soil erosion checklist to be handed out with all building permits.

Motion by Renner, supported by Zuiderveen to approve the Soil Erosion & Sedimentation Control Checklist with amendments.  Carried.

Finance Committee Report

Motion by Renner, supported by Bridson to approve the following Proclamation.

Proclamation of American Red Cross Month
March 2010

America has always been a place of humanitarian action and compassion – a place where people take care of each other, and are always willing to reach out and take care of others in need, whether they are down the block or around the globe.  The American desire to put our compassion into action is deeply rooted in the character of Missaukee County of Michigan.  TheAmericanRedCrossMissaukeeCountyvolunteer team is a true reflection of that character.

For more than 100 years, the Red Cross inMissaukeeCountyhas been the place where citizens join together, and the generosity and compassion of the American people finds purpose.  It’s been the place where someone who may not know you will still give you their blood, save you from drowning, or provide you with shelter.  Never has this been more evident than this past year, when house/apartment fires leave local individuals/families homeless or the most recent deadly earthquake that struck our neighbors inHaiti.  Disaster Relief volunteers responded swiftly and generously, and in overwhelming numbers chose their Red Cross as the place to turn their caring into action.

MissaukeeCountydisaster Relief volunteers responded to 5 disasters inMissaukeeCountylast year.  Some are large disasters such as theAlconaCountyshooting incident in the spring, where our volunteers Canteened for 32 police officers or the Gaylord, MI apartment fires in July or local volunteers that traveled to an out-of-state disaster like theCaliforniawildfires.  Often, this response is to events that never make national headlines.  Our Red Cross and its corps of volunteers are among the first on the scene, providing food, shelter, grief counseling and more.  During this past hurricane season alone, Red Cross chapters across the country worked together to provide shelter to more than 424,000 and serve 19 million mills.

MissaukeeCountyturns to the American Red Cross of Missaukee County for many of the things that make this county stronger and safer.  Nearly half of our critical blood supply is collected by the Red Cross.  Last year, 426 chose the Red Cross as the place to donate the gift of life.  75 individuals also turned to the Red Cross to learn lifesaving skills such as first aid and CPR.

The Red Cross continues to provide support and comfort to our military families.  Last year, they briefed 7 reserves and National Guard troops and their families on how to access Red Cross services and connected loved ones separated by war and conflict.

In America, we may not all look the same, dress the same or sound the same, but we share a common spirit that binds us together when times are tough and unites us in action when someone is suffering.  Like a mirror onAmerica, the Red Cross shows us the best possible reflection of ourselves.  In celebrating American Red Cross Month, we are celebrating the humanitarian and volunteer spirit here inMissaukee County,Michiganand all acrossAmerica.

NOW THEREFORE, We the Missaukee County Board of Commissioners by virtue of the authority vested in us by the residents ofMissaukeeCounty do hereby proclaim March 2010 as American Red Cross Month.  We urge all Americans to continue to give blood, volunteer their time, and give generously to your local American Red Cross. MissaukeeCounty is a place where we take care of each other.  When you help the American Red Cross, you helpMissaukee County,Michigan.

IN WITNESE WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this 9th day of March, in the year of our Lord two thousand ten, and of theIndependence of theUnited States of America.


Carolyn Flore, MissaukeeCountyClerk


Motion by Renner, supported by Bridson to approve the following resolution.



   WHEREAS, the Michigan Public Health Code directs the Office of Substance Abuse Services to”….recommend to the governor and legislature criteria for a formula basis for the distribution of substance abuse state and federal funds for substance abuse treatment and prevention”, and

            WHEREAS, a 2005 Performance Audit of the Bureau of Substance Abuse and Addiction Services recommend that “….BSAAS review its methodology for allocating funds to its regional CA's to help insure that funding for substance abuse prevention and treatment services is based on the needs for those services in each region”, and

            WHEREAS, BSAAS agreed with the audit finding and convened and facilitated an Advisory Formula Allocation Workgroup, and

            WHEREAS, the Advisory Formula Allocation Workgroup recommended an allocation formula to BSAAS in August of 2005 that has not been implemented, and

            WHEREAS, Northern Michigan Substance Abuse Services, Inc. is the Regional Coordinating Agency for the counties of Alcona, Alpena, Antrim, Benzie, Charlevoix, Cheboygan, Clare, Crawford, Emmet, Gladwin, Grand Traverse, Iosco, Isabella, Kalkaska, Lake, Leelanau, Manistee, Mason, Mecosta, Midland, Missaukee, Montmorency, Oceana, Ogemaw, Osceola, Oscoda, Otsego, Presque Isle, Roscommon and Wexford, and

            WHEREAS, the annual allocation of funds by BSAAS to Northern Michigan Substance Abuse Services is nearly $1.1 million less than determined by the formula developed by the Advisory Formula Allocation Workgroup, and

            WHEREAS, the lost funding causes reduced services for the residents of the 30 counties served by Northern Michigan Substance Abuse Services, and

            WHEREAS, the funding inequity results in disproportionate human and financial costs within the referenced counties, including increased medical, law enforcement, judicial and other costs;

            NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE Missaukee County Board of Commissioners, that the Missaukee Board of Commissioners urges the Michigan Department of community Health Bureau of Substance Abuse and Addiction Services to immediately begin the implementation of the allocation formula as recommended by the Advisory Formula Allocation Workgroup in August of 2005; and

            BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that this resolution be transmitted to the Michigan Department of community Health Bureau of Substance Abuse and Addiction Services, to theCountyBoard of Commission for each of the thirty counties served by Northern Michigan Substance Abuse Services and to Northern Michigan Substance Abuse Services.


 Personnel Report

 Motion by Bridson, supported by Renner to approve the following people to work as Election Inspectors at theMay 4, 2010school elections:  Chairpersons will be Shelly Sloat, Julie Dick, Margie Phillips and Lois Whipple.  Inspectors will be Sherry Blaszak, Marcia Smith, Mic Scholten, Kay Ouwinga, Evelyn Wade, Jan Lutke, Marilyn Myers, Laura Muste.  Carried.

 Building & Grounds, Claims and Accounts Report

 No building issues at this time.

Motion by Zuiderveen, supported by Bridson to approve Claims and Accounts and Own Accounts.  Carried

 Commissioner Reports

Renner reported on AAA board meeting and the annual senior empowerment day at Timber Wolf Lodge, Zuiderveen reported on the marking of the Amish buggies and Health Dept Meeting, Rogers reported on District Health meeting and the ratings of Missaukee Counties health in the 10 different counties, Robinson reported on the devaluation of money thru the years and the value of silver.

Motion by Renner, supported by Robinson to adjourn until1:00 PMfor the Planning Commission Ordinance.  Carried.

 Public Hearing for Planning Commission Ordinance

1:00 PM

Chairman Rogers recalled the meeting to order.  Commissioners Robinson, Renner, Bridson and Rogers present.  Vivian, Hughston & Zuiderveen absent.

Explanation of the Planning Commission Ordinance changes reviewed by Planner Linda Hartshorne-Shafer, Planning Director.

Hearing opened for public comment.

Charles Belser, Planning Commissioner, endorsed the ordinance.

Don Sears, Citizen, asked the commissioners not to adopt the ordinance as presented.  Zoning is in this ordinance and he is against it. He wants all references to zoning removed from the document. This is another layer of burecracy and more money.

Motion by Renner, supported by Bridson to pass the Missaukee County Planning Commission Ordinance of 2010 as presented.  Roll Call Vote:  4 Yeas (Renner, Bridson, Rogers, Robinson) 3 Absent (Zuiderveen, Hughston, Vivian)  Carried.

Motion by Bridson, supported by Robinson to do an inner fund transfer of $5,000.00 from Prior Years Tax Fund #530 to the Building Department Fund #249 effective immediately to be paid back by12-31-2010.  Carried.

Meeting adjourned untilApril 13, 2010at10:00 AMor Call of the Chair.


___________________________        __________________________
Susan Rogers, Chairman                                   Carolyn Flore, Clerk