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Missaukee County Board of Commissioners
Commissioners Room, Lake City, Michigan
Regular Board Meeting
November 9th, 2010 at 10:00 AM

Roll Call:  All present except Comm. Hughston.

Prayer: given by Comm. Vivian and Pledge of Allegiance

Minutes of October 12th 2010 read and approved.

Motion by Zuiderveen, supported by Bridson to approve the Board Agenda.  Carried.

Public Comment: 

Welcome to Jennifer Elmquist and Frank Vanderwal as incoming Commissioners.

Sheriff Bosscher gave his monthly report and reviewed the kitchen remodeling project. 

Carol Palmer, District Court Administrator presented September’s report.

2011 Budget Hearing opened.

Linda Hartshorne Shafer, EMD Director reported to the board on the Emergency Procedures Plan and asked for a vote in December.

Comm. Hughston now present.

Sarah Benson, Wexford County EMD Director, gave a presentation on Nixle a free service to governments to notify the public about emergency situations.

Shari Spoelman, MSUE District Coordinator, talked about the new commissioner training and the concept of a District MSUE Advisory Council.  She requested that two appointments be made in December to this board.

Motion by Hughston, supported by Bridson to add a MSUE Advisory Board appointment to the newspaper ad requesting appointees.

Finance Committee

Motion by Vivian, supported by Zuiderveen to approve the 2010 Budget Amendments as presented.  Roll Call Vote 7 Yea (Vivian, Bridson, Renner, Robinson, Hughston, Zuiderveen, Rogers) 0 Nay Carried

Motion by Vivian, supported by Hughston to proceed with the forest management plan as presented by the Soil Conservation District.  Carried.

Motion by Hughston, supported by Zuiderveen to request the removal of the Chief Deputy Clerk, Chief Deputy Register and Chief Deputy Treasurer from the AFSCME union effective12-31-2010if it does not cost the county money.  Carried.

Budget Questions:

Don Sears, citizen, how can you vote on a budget when you don’t know what is happening?

Building and Grounds

Motion by Zuiderveen, supported by Bridson to pay Claims and Accounts and Own Accounts as presented.  Carried.

Motion by Zuiderveen, supported by Bridson to accept the Snow Plow Bid of C & W Services for 1 year in the amount of $290.00 per plow.  Renner dissented.  Carried.

Motion by Vivian, supported by Bridson to approve the 2011 General and Special Fund Budgets as presented.  Roll Call Vote: 5 yea (Bridson, Rogers, Vivian, Hughston, Zuiderveen) 2 Nay (Renner, Robinson) Carried.

Monthly Commissioner Reports:  Hughston attended MSUE Agricultural Meeting,Rogers attended Health Department meeting.

Motion by Zuiderveen, supported by Vivian to adjourn the meeting for a brief ceremony at the newVeteransParkto dedicate the war memorial to the area Veterans.  Carried.

Comm. Hughston and Renner now not present.

Personnel Committee

Motion by Vivian, supported by Bridson to pass the following resolution:

Resolution to Endorse

Joel Sheltrown as DNRE Director


Whereas, Joel Sheltrown has been the 103rd State Representative for the last six years representingMissaukeeCounty inLansing,

And Whereas, as State Representative has been an excellent representative ofNorthern Michigan’s values and the needs ofMissaukeeCounty residents,

And Whereas, he has co-authored the Property Assessed Clean Energy Act, fought to protectMichigan’s fisheries from invasive species and took the lead on attempting to control the explosion of the double-crested cormorant;

And Whereas, he sponsored Public Act 240 of 2008 which allows northern counties to allow off road vehicles on local road shoulders thereby helping the local economy, increases ORV sales and providing services to local residents,

And Whereas, he is sponsoring the new 72 hour weekend fishing license, crossbows legislation and other improvements to the hunting/fishing/sportsmen’s activities in northern Michigan,

And Whereas, he is the Chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee – it is a natural progression to be the Director of the DNRE,

THEREFORE, the Missaukee County Board of Commissioners adds their endorsement of their friend and legislator – JOEL SHELTROWN – to the position of DNRE Director to ensure that Northern Michigan’s voice and the voice of their sportsmen is heard both environmentally and recreationally and throughout the wonderland that we call Michigan.

Resolution Carried.

Meeting adjourned until December 14th, 2010 at 10:00 AM or Call of the Chair.  Final Special County Board Meeting will be December 30th at4:00 PM.

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Susan Rogers, Chair                                         Carolyn Flore, Clerk