Central Dispatch


Ann Schryer, Dispatcher
Christy Marcus, Dispatcher
Julie Stahl, Dispatcher
Jessica Mattison, Dispatcher
Becky Kosloski, Dispatcher



The mission of the Central Dispatch Division of the Missaukee County Sheriff’s Office is to provide for a comprehensive emergency communications network which is responsive to the needs of its citizens and their demands for service

Central Dispatch is responsible for answering all emergency and non-emergency telephone calls. They have “Enhanced 9-1-1” which allows the Dispatcher to see the caller information on a computer screen. Enhanced 9-1-1 contains information such as the customer’s name, address, phone number, time of call, as well as information on what fire department would respond to this location.

Central Dispatch handles dispatch communications for numerous departments including the Missaukee County Sheriff's Office, Michigan State Police, Missaukee County Emergency Medical Service, Michigan Department of Natural Resources, and all area fire departments.

Central Dispatch has contact with the Uniformed Law Enforcement Officers while they are in or outside the facility. Dispatchers can talk directly via voice communications with the officers either while they are in their patrol vehicle or on a portable radio that is carried with the officers while they are on duty.

Dispatchers also handle all walk-in complaints and requests for service at the Sheriff’s Office.

The Missaukee County Sheriff's Office Central Dispatch’s staff is a dedicated group of professionals who can be counted on to assist the citizens of Missaukee County whenever help is needed.

Important Information To Keep Near Your Telephone

In an emergency situation seconds can save lives. When a person is encountered with a stressful situation, they may forget simple things such as their address, telephone number, or crossroads. This is information that can assist the Dispatcher in sending the proper response to the right location.

It is recommended that you keep a list of important information near your phone to refer to in an emergency situation. This can be especially important if you have children in your home who are being cared for by a sitter or children who are home without a parent’s supervision.

Some items to include on that list are:

  • Address

  • Telephone Number

  • Directions to your house (such as the third house North of ____ road on the West side)

  • Major crossroads near your home
Remember that in an emergency situation the number to call in Missaukee County for Police, Fire, or EMS is 911.

This list is also a good place to keep important contact numbers for you, such as your family’s cell phone numbers, numbers to friends and family that can assist you, doctors offices, poison control, and numbers to your utility providers. Make sure that you go over this list with everyone in your home.