Records/Civil Process

The Records Supervisor of the Missaukee County Sheriff's Office is available Monday through Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm, excluding holidays. However, most records can be requested and/or attained from Central Dispatch. 

Incident Reports: 
If you would like a copy of an Incident Report or related documents, you must complete a Freedom of Information Act Request Form that can be obtained at the front office during normal business hours or downloaded from this website. You may also submit a written letter to the Sheriff’s Office detailing the records and/or specific documents you are looking for, including the date or incident number, the nature of the incident, and the name(s) of the person(s) involved. 

If you are not a party in the report, then you must describe your connection to the incident.  This is needed to determine what might be excluded under the Freedom of Information Act, which provides protection to the privacy of the individuals involved.  Additionally, the status of any investigation may determine when a report is available. 

Written requests will be responded to within 5 working days or sooner depending on the scope and nature of the request and staff availability.  A bill will be compiled to include all costs.  Any report requests may be mailed to:

The Missaukee County Sheriff's Office
Attn: Records/Civil Process
P.O. Box 800
Lake City, MI 49651

You may contact the records department with any questions at (231) 839-4338 ext. 3

Freedom of Information Act

Civil Process
Civil Process papers are served by our deputies to individuals or businesses within Missaukee County.  The papers may be mailed directly to the Sheriff's Office at the above address, dropped off at the office, or faxed to (231) 839-4344.  Please make sure all of the paperwork is included along with the return of service paperwork.  You must have the address for the defendant.  We cannot look up that information for you.

No pre-payment is required.  After the papers are served, a bill will be sent to the address given for the plaintiff or attorney. 

The cost for serving most civil papers is $26.00 plus mileage.  Mileage is calculated round trip from the Sheriff's Department.

Any papers unable to be served after at least 3 valid attempts will be returned with a bill for $10.00 for the attempt of service plus mileage (calculated only once), along with an affidavit of service attempts to be taken to the court for alternate service.