Circuit Court Family Division

Family Court Judge
Honorable Melissa Ransom
Family Court Clerk
Linda Westdorp -Paternity, Custody & Divorces
(231) 839-4967 Ext 202
Juvenile Probation Officer
Kathleen Brow
(231) 839-4967 Ext 209

Family Court Clerk
Kelsey O'Dell - All matters
involving minors, name changes & adoptions.
(231) 839-4967 Ext 208

Family Court deals with divorce and paternity actions, juvenile delinquency, abuse and neglect of minors, adoptions, emancipation of minors and name changes. Scheduling for Divorce and paternity matters (231) 779-9490 and other matters should be scheduled with (231) 839-4967 Ext 208

Circuit Court Family Division
111 S. Canal St.
P.O. Box 800
Lake City, MI  49651